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Hello everyone, my fianc\E9e is currently a happy owner of a brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla as of March 24, 2011. I created this simple web page with the following intentions:

I decided to trade-in a 1993 Saturn SL2 with roughly 160k miles on it. I looked at my budget and realized I can afford a $16,000 purchase with a $6,000 down-payment.

Thoughts about my car buying experience:

I was pleased when buying a car at Toyota dealership in Libertyville. In my opinion, I didn't get the best possible deal out there, but I got a great deal with a rewarding customer service. In my opinion, I was entitled to save a few hundred dollars more in Palatine dealership, but my documentation was not honored and I believe promises were not met.

When it is time for me to purchase a car again and I am planning to do so in about four years, I will definitely return to Libertyville and hopefully to the same sales representative... if I want to buy a Toyota family car that is.

I will also make sure to refer everyone I know to them and to this web page.

Things I learned:

One of the things I learned is, not to trust anything said over the phone or even in person. In my opinion, when dealing with dealerships, emails work great. Everything is written out black on white and you can always source them when needed. Also, the preliminary calculations I have shown above are slightly incorrect. As I learned at Libertyville, you calculate the total price of the car you are buying (including all the options), you subtract the trade-in value and add all the appropriate licensing and documentation fees. You calculate the sales tax and once you obtain your price, you then subtract the rebates and incentives to get the OTD price.

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